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55.00 every month for 6 months

Fill your home with flowers from The Floral Cottage Florist!

Our monthly subscription features a new seasonal style each month with the most beautiful, high quality blooms.

Options for pick up at our flower shop or local delivery. Be sure to select the type that works best for you!

This 6 month selection features:

  • 1 arrangement in seasonal theme each month for 6 months

  • Instructions and flower food for optimal care

  • Pick up—available Wednesday-Friday (times TBD as needed)

  • Delivery—Wednesday (Sorrento, St. Amant), Thursday (Prairieville/Geismar/Gonzales)—Time (TBD)

  • Enrollment in our newsletter to receive the latest products, services and deals/discounts!

Schedule of monthly seasonal theme is a follows:

September 2019—LSU (purple + gold)

October 2019—Autumn

November 2019—Thanksgiving

December 2020—Christmas


*The above design themes are subject to change as needed.

Please note that this is a NEW SERVICE and adjustments to the procedures will be made as needed to ensure the highest service to our customers.



  • Monthly dates of service will typically be the first Wednesday-Friday of each month.

  • Projected 2019 dates: September 4-6, October 2-4, November 6-8, December 4-6

  • This will be adjusted to our discretion depending on weather, holidays, etc.


  • Pick up will be Wednesday-Friday as follows: Wednesday (2:00-6:00), Thursday (9:00-6:00), Friday (9:00-3:00)

  • All pick up customers will be emailed on the Monday/Tuesday before the scheduled pick up with pick up information for that week.


  • Wednesday PM (between 12:00-5:00)—Sorrento & St. Amant locations

  • Thursday AM/PM (between 9:00-5:00)—Gonzales, Geismar & Prairieville locations

  • Please note that you may include your preferred 2 hour window of time, but it will be up to our discretion when we will deliver the floral arrangement.

  • Residences: If someone is not home to receive the arrangement when we attempt delivery, your floral arrangement will be brought back to our flower shop for pick up. A second delivery attempt will NOT be made. You may request a 2 hour time frame (i.e. 9-11, 10-12, 2-4) for delivery by including it in the additional information section of the contact form, but that time frame cannot be guaranteed and will be determined dependent on our delivery schedule for your location for that week.

  • Businesses: Please include the hours of operation any any important details in the additional information section on the contact form.

  • All delivery customers will be emailed a projected delivery schedule on the Monday/Tuesday prior to their scheduled delivery.


  • You will have to create a subscription account which can be modified through the our website.

  • Deadlines will be for monthly subscription will be the Monday 1 week prior to subscription week (i.e. Deadline for subscription week September 4-6 , 2019 is Monday, August 26, 2019). If you purchase your subscription after the deadline, the order will be applied to the following month (i.e. Orders placed after Monday, August 26 will be applied to the October subscription).

  • More details to come!