Meet the Staff

Meet the Owner of The Floral Cottage: Randee Gagnon

All Photography by Kaylie Nicole Photography

All Photography by Kaylie Nicole Photography

Randee has been married to her husband, Laurent, for 7 years and together they have two daughters: Violet (5) and Scarlett (2). She graduated from Louisiana State University in Communication Disorders and continued on to get her masters in Speech Language Pathology. She practiced for 6 years and once Violet was born she decided it was a good opportunity to focus on her family and to start pursuing her career in floral design. Her passion has always been in creativity and what better way to fulfill those needs then to take over the family wedding floral business.

She became owner in January 2019 which means that she does everything from washing out buckets, to consulting with brides and designing arrangements. She does business tasks such as ordering products and flowers, to processing payroll. It seems like she is always doing something relating to the business and makes the most out of her time. Her staff agrees that she is a great leader and boss and really promotes being creative in whatever your job is. Very rarely is she frazzled and her most said phrase is “I can make it work” and she does exactly that.

Here are some more fun facts about Randee:

How long have you worked at the Floral Cottage?

I've worked there periodically since it opened on my 15th birthday in 1999. A few hours here and there after school then learning and working more in college and graduate school. But....I made my first floral arrangement around the age of 11 at my mom's florist job (before The Floral Cottage) and the owner was shocked when is sold to a customer! My origins go back even further than that. When I was a kid, I had to do a "how-to" presentation and I did "how to make a boutonniere".

What part of your job is most rewarding?

Seeing the bride's reaction to her flowers is the most rewarding but my favorite part is seeing it all come together from the bride's vision to the flowers to the colors.

What is a little known fact about you?

I’m ambidextrous! I also love to cook in my spare time and cook almost anything.

What is your coffee drink order?

My favorite things are ever changing, but it's usually a grande medium roast coffee with cream OR a grande cold brew with cold foam. Nothing too sugary!

What is the last show on Netflix that you binged?

Stranger Things

Lastly, bringing it back to flowers, what is your favorite flower?

I absolutely love orchids. All types! Every time we travel, we try to find botanical gardens with orchids to see. I soak up all of the flower knowledge everywhere I go!