Blush & Blue Wedding

Blaire's June wedding brought some of the prettiest blush peonies I ever did see!

blaire ballard-1.jpg


WHEN: June 30, 2017

WHERE: St. Michael's Church, Convent & St. James Boat Club, Gramercy

THEME: Garden style in bright whites and the palest shade of blush pink to compliment ice blue dresses


Blaire chose a garden style bouquet featuring fluffy white "festiva maxima" peonies, ivory "polo" roses and queen anne's lace.

Bliss Photography

Bliss Photography


The bridesmaids wore ice blue dresses and carried bouquets of pale pink peonies, ivory roses and queen anne's lace.

Bliss Photography

Bliss Photography

Bliss Photography

Bliss Photography


The flower girls held matching kissing balls with spray roses and baby's breath.

blaire ballard-17.jpg
Bliss Photography

Bliss Photography


The guys wore boutonnieres of fishing lures and florals! Perfect for that groom who loves to fish!

blaire ballard-18.jpg
Bliss Photography

Bliss Photography


Traditional church arrangements were used on the altar of the church and transported to the reception. 

The cake table is surrounded by the bouquets while the cake coordinates with a touch of matching florals!

Bliss Photography

Bliss Photography


1. What was your overall wedding style/theme?

My theme was antique/rustic.

2. How did you choose your wedding color palette?

I chose light blue for my dresses and so I chose soft colors to match with that which was the white/ivory/light pink.

3. What inspired your wedding floral style? (i.e. pinterest, a friend, our social media, etc.)

Your social media and mom helped me decide on exactly wanted I wanted.

4. What was your favorite part about your wedding day flowers?

I loved having my grandparents' pictures and my rosary attached to my bouquet on top of everything else! I liked having all of the extra petals because I am using them to make a rosary for when I have kids. 

blaire ballard-13.jpg


Thanks to Blaire for choosing The Floral Cottage Florist for your wedding day!

Bliss Photography

Bliss Photography

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